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The 3 Steps To Quickly Clear The ECOsmarte Pool

If the water has a haze and you suspect algae, follow these steps to clear the pool. First, begin to bring the pH  to 6.8. and ionize to get the copper to .5 – .7ppm.  Check to make sure calcium is above 400ppm or more.  Check phosphates and if above 100ppm, use a recommended phosphate remover. 1)  Use 1 quart of non-metal algaecide during daylight hours, preferably in the morning Read More

An (Extremely) Easy Way To Remember Which Colored Wire Goes Where

The ECOsmarte Control Box connects to the clear tube – the  “Electrode Chamber” — with four colored wires.  There are green, red, black and white wires.  The red and green wires go to the copper electrodes (copper is a “color”).  Or, just remember “christmas copper” for the red and green wilres (This tip is what Mike D at ECOsmarte tells people).  The black and white wires go to the titanium Read More

The Ideal Calcium Level In An ECOsmarte Pool – And Why

ECOsmarte recommends a minimum of 300 Parts Per Million (ppm), and ideally 400 ppm, in your ECOsmarte pool.  This recommendation is universal, it doesn’t change for large pools or small, or pools located in the north or the south, or for any other reason.  As a matter of fact, we would really like to see that number higher to act as a buffer. The high end of recommended Total Dissolved Read More

(Not) Just Another pH Article

Although all our literature and customer service reps say “pH 6.8 – 7.2”, we wish we could say “6.8.”  Nothing else just “6.8”. Why? The first person to figure out this magic number was oddly, one of the first ever ECOsmarte customers, the father of the CEO himself and part owner of the company.  One of our CEO’s favorite stories is about trying to tutor his dad in pool maintenance Read More

ECOsmarte Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Each person working at ECOsmarte thinks up analogies to get our heads around the procedures that we give to our customers.  It helps us visualize the systems involved in pool maintenance so that we can troubleshoot issues.  This blog will be about sharing those analogies with you so that you can understand our methods and incorporate them. Many of the methods we use were developed by customers.  Some things were Read More

Why you do not need chlorine in your swimming pool water.

There are people who feel terrible when the word ‘chlorine’ is mentioned as they have bad memories of swimming in chlorine-sanitized pools. The same reaction may not be seen when the word, ‘ECOsmarte’ is mentioned. This is because ECOsmarte pool systems are chlorine-free, offering swimmers a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Sadly, the side effects of chlorine pools may sometimes extend to life threatening levels as evident below. Many people over Read More

Making your pool a safer place by installing the right safety equipment

Swimming pools provide a place of enjoyment and relaxation especially during the warm, sunny or hot days of the year. They are also great places to enjoy family fun time and to host birthday, anniversary, get togethers and all other sorts of parties. The pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes with ECOsmarte now offering environmentally friendly swimming pools for those who love mother earth. However, safety equipment Read More

Factors to consider when constructing or buying your own swimming pool

When considering constructing or buying your own swimming pool, you may have an idea of what you want. Alternatively, you may have just spotted an ECOsmarte pool, known for their beauty, and it caught your eye without having any idea on pools whatsoever. Either way, this article will help you with the information on what you need to consider when buying a swimming pool. Quality first Whether you are going Read More

Green your pool – save the environment and make mother earth happy.

You are probably aware that by making use of eco-friendly products like the ECOsmarte pool supplies in our daily lives makes the world not only a better place for us, but also for future generations. We achieve this but making the most efficient use of resources like water and energy, while reducing operational costs at the same time. Below are some of the ways to keep your pool green. Use Read More